Saturday, March 22, 2014

Is he serious? David Moyes talks up his side chances against Bayern Munich

David Moyes might not have the services of his best stricker Van-Persie, but he ain't worried about nothing. The Manchester United boss talks up his team's chances and says he wants an epic game.

Moyes said: "I don't know when the draw came out I would have said it's the draw everybody wanted.
"Ideally you would try to avoid them if you can but I am actually looking forward to it because it's two really great teams in a big game.
"There have been some epic games between the two clubs over the years and if I can get another epic game then that will mean we have come close.
"I've got a few things that I've seen that I would try to work on and capitalise on.
"They are the holders. But I don't think the holders have ever won it twice? Hopefully we can try and do something about that.
"It's a really big game but the big thing is being in the quarter-final draw because on Tuesday most people were thinking we wouldn't be in the draw coming from 2-0 down."