Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's getting hotter! Millions and revenge

Remember when Manny Pacquiao first lost a fight? He lost to this guy.Tim Bradley. Since then there has been controversies trailing the judges decision to name Bradley the winner of that tie.
Now, drumroll........... they are going back to the ring.
But it's not just revenge at stake here, 

Pacquiao is guaranteed a minimum of $20 million for a Saturday night’s work in the MGM Grand Garden Arena lasting a maximum of 36 minutes.
How richly he deserves that reward is best explained by another statistic.
This is the occasion on which Pacquiao will become only the second boxer to exceed $700 million in terms of pay-per-viewTV revenue generated in their careers
The other is Floyd Mayweather and if ever these two do get into a ring together they would burst through the one billion barrier.

This is going to be the best match you've watched in a long time.