Monday, April 14, 2014

Manchester city fans were attacked as they left Anfield

Manchester City fans were left severely shaken after their minibus was attacked by youths as they travelled to the game at Anfield on Sunday.
A window was smashed after thugs reportedly threw stones and bricks while wearing Liverpool shirts.
No-one in the vehicle was seriously injured but they told of how shocked they were at the events.

Stewart Greatbank, secretary of the Eccles branch of City fans who were in the minibus, said passengers included a 14-year-old, 16-year-old and a 70-year-old woman.
'A window was hit and smashed, with a 15-year-old lad sitting right by it,' he said.
'They seemed pretty shaken - the older ones were OK because they’ve been to plenty of away matches but the younger ones were shocked.'
Supporters' club chairman Sim Parrott was on the coach with his 14-year-old son and said: 'It was a bit of a shock and we were gutted.
'These were mindless teenagers who were trying to cause disruption.'
A Merseyside Police spokeman said: 'At this time we can confirm that Merseyside Police has not received any recent reports of a mini bus being damaged in the Liverpool area.
We take all reports of criminal damage seriously and if anyone has any information about recent incidents of this nature we would urge you to contact Merseyside Police and it will be fully investigated.'