Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Donald Sterling has a new girlfriend and he wants y'all to know

You would think Donald Sterling would have learned his lesson about entertaining young ladies that are young enough to be his granddaughter, but alas he seems very stuck in his ways. TMZ Sportsreports on how he took his new play thing to In and Out Burger. Donald Sterling hit up an In-N-Out burger joint in Westwood, CA this weekend … with a pretty young Asian lady in tow. Our burger spies tell us … Sterling rolled up to the restaurant (right near UCLA) around 3pm on Sunday in his pimped out Rolls Royce Phantom … not exactly incognito. We’re told Sterling — along with the young woman and a man who appeared to be a manager — walked inside … and sat down together … with Sterling only ordering a drink. Sterling should be kicked out of the NBA for going to In & Out and not ordering any food.