Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I can organize an Agbero team that'll beat Manchester united. Can you?

England's coach Roy Hodgson claims he could organise a pub team to stop Man Utd in six months I don't know if Roy hodgson could do that but i Akinyemi can certainly do that. *winks* And we'll even beat Manchester United. Lol Roy Hodgson has claimed he could coach a pub team to defy Manchester United if he was given six months to prepare. England’s manager is convinced he could organise a Dog and Duck XI to stop Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney scoring too many if he had time on the training field to organise tactics. Hodgson, in Portugal with the national team preparing for the World Cup in Brazil next month, made the claim in World Soccer magazine. ‘You can organise a pub team not to let in six goals against Manchester United,’ he said. ‘Give me six months and I’d organise them, if they had a half-decent goalkeeper and a couple of centre halves who can get in the way of the ball.’ Hodgson’s remarks will give Sunday league coaches everywhere hope that they too could manage at the highest level. ‘I consider myself to be in the same position as a lawyer,’ Hodgson added. ‘I studied to be a professional. I like to think that I’m good at my profession. Just as if I was to go to a lawyer, I’d go to someone who was good and really knows his job, even if I have to pay more. ‘It’s nice for people to believe some managers are born with a magical quality to transform bad into good. I don’t. It’s about leadership, practice, repetition and bloody hard work.’ England will spend the rest of the week in Vale do Lobo where United defender Phil Jones is making progress after a shoulder injury.