Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Real Madrid Lifted Champions league lacking manners

Atlético doesn't forget. "You need to know how to lose... but you also need to know how to win". And some 'Rojiblancos'are not best pleased by the attitudes displayed by Real Madrid during the Champions League final. In the same game, Real Madrid defender Varane was challenged by Diego Simeone for kicking a ball at the coach after Ronaldo scored his penalty. Many Atletico fans think that Ronaldo's celebrations after scoring his penalty were way over the top. Ronaldo ripped his shirt off and took a pose on saturday night. There are three people in particular that ruffled feathers with their behaviour. The first and foremost of these was Florentino Pérez, while down on the pitch Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane were also provocative. In the case of the club president, who has been somewhat unpopular in recent months, his reaction to Real's first goal was somewhat surprising, but his reaction to the second was what many really took issue with, when he searched out José María Aznar, the former president of Spain, to celebrate the goal with him. It's understood that protocol would call for different behaviour in such a situation, especially with the clash being between two teams that aren't just from the same country but from the same city. As regards the players, the manner in which they celebrated Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty, when 'Atleti' were already destroyed and the game dead and buried, was seen as a sign of arrogance. Varane, meanwhile, booted the ball towards the Atlético bench, and that was what triggered Simeone's sprint onto the pitch, where he proceeded to explain to the youngster in no uncertain terms the error in his ways. "He's very young creating such a senseless situation", 'El Cholo' later told a press conference. The match referee eventually sent the Argentine off, meaning UEFA could now make an example of him. As regards everything else on the night, the club is satisfied with the behaviour of the 'Rojiblanco' fans in Lisbon, apart from a small number of isolated incidents.