Friday, May 16, 2014

"When i read that Madrid want to sign me i turn the paper"

Luis Suárez spoke about 'La Liga'and the upcoming World Cup during an interview in Barcelona, as well as seeking to quash the rumours linking him with a move to Real Madrid or Barça. "I don't pay any attention to those stories; I'm under contract with Liverpool. When I read that Real want to sign me, I turn the page: it's just speculation. I'm focused on the World Cup and I'm not thinking about the speculation", he claimed. Asked whether he would like to play with Messi and Neymar, the Uruguayan called the forwards "world-class" but again insisted that "it's all just speculation". On the subject of Barcelona, he added that "with the players they have, you can't say the end has come for tiki-taka". "I hope Cristiano doesn't score more goals" Luis Suárez talked about his bid for the European Golden Shoe: "I'm proud to be competing with players of the level of Cristiano, Messi and Diego Costa. What happens is you toil away to score goals and then you get bored because they do it so easily... it [winning the European Golden Shoe] wasn't my objective at the beginning of the season and then you start scoring more goals, so now when Real play I say, "I hope Cristiano doesn't score more goals."