Sunday, June 8, 2014

England players will use customized tablet PC to study opponents

--->England players to use Apple's customized iPads loaded with information to swat up on their World Cup opponents --->The likes of Daniel Sturridge will be able to study Italy's defenders with the touch of a button --->Roy Hodgson is keen to use the latest technology to help his players prepare for Brazil England players have been handed World Cup iPads loaded with special apps which contain all the individually-tailored information they will need on opponents they are likely to face in Brazil. Daniel Sturridge, for example, will have info on his particular iPad showing how Italy usually operate at the back and the centre-halves he is expected to face in Manaus in the opening Group D game a week tomorrow. He simply has to press the image of defenders like Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci to see statistics and video clips of the Juventus pair in action, together with scouting tips on perceived strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, defenders Gary Cahilland Phil Jagielkawill have specific info on the Italian strikers and the goalkeepers will have the most data, including penalty takers, set-pieces and the strikers’ shooting techniques. It has been designed and compiled by Andy Scoulding, the FA’s head of performance analysis, together with his team of assistants. Scoulding created something similar for the qualifying campaign but has produced an updated version for the World Cup finals hoping players will digest the details in their own time at the hotel. Roy Hodgson has been keen to use all technology during the preparation stage to support the work done by his coaching team on the training pitch and the unit meetings for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers