Thursday, June 5, 2014

This is why Andre Schurrle hasn't bought a house in London

Schurrle is believed to be paid about £70,000-a-week by the Chelsea, more than £3million-a-year, and enjoyed a decent first season in English football, but is yet to buy a house having been on the lookout. He says prices of houses in London are a bit on the high side. 'I am still looking for a suitable property,' he told German dailyBild. 'In London, prices are constantly rising, but it really makes little sense to constantly pay the high rents.' The 23-year-old is with the national squad before they travel to Brazil and admitted he enjoys being home. 'My mother is cooking my favourite dishes such as schnitzel with mashed potatoes,' he added. 'I feel safe with my parents. When I am in Ludwigshafen, I dwell mostly in my old room. I know the area, my buddy, my friends. And "Hotel Mama" is just the best. 'My mother then takes me from everything - make food, laundry. 'In London I have even a cleaning lady, but that is not the same.'