Friday, June 20, 2014

This USA player will release a rap album after the world cup.

How is it gonna' sound? Is it gonna' sound like..Bang....bang.....bang or more like WACK WACK WACK? Clint Dempsey has revealed he is releasing a rap album after the World Cup. Dempsey, who scored after 31 seconds in USA's 2-1 win over Ghana on Monday, spent two weeks before the tournament recording a 13-track album in Los Angeles with the help of rappers and producers from his home town of Nacogdoches, Texas. The album will be called 'The Redux' and will be released under Dempsey's rap name 'Deuce'. 'We just were having fun with it and it ended up being an album,' Dempsey told the Wall Street Journal. On the album, Dempsey about his journey from rags to riches, being 'Captain America' and scoring goals – or, as he says, 'banging Gs'. This is not Dempsey's first foray into music having released a track before the 2006 World Cup called 'Dont Tread'. Fellow rapper and friend Mike ChehadĂ© told the paper that Dempsey's skills are not to be sniffed at: He said: 'He’ll just call you sometimes and start free-styling – he doesn’t even say hello … I’m not saying he’s Eminem, but he’s definitely qualified.' He also said it could make the US team a more intimidating prospect at the World Cup. He added: 'We’re not known as a soccer powerhouse – we’re almost known for being soft. But Clint has this edge.' Dempsey and his USA team-mates take on Portugal in their next World Cup game on Sunday.