Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wimbledon rules might be forcing women to play Bra-less

Officials at Wimbledonare apparently giving zero slack on the all-white dress code required by all players competing in the tournament. This is because some womenhave allegedly been told to play bra-less after their undergarments were deemed too colorful to adhere to the strict dress policy. “One of the players was called into the referees’ office because he had blue underwear that showed through when he got sweaty, so he was told not to wear dark underwear,” said former Wimbledon championPat Cash, via The Daily Mail. “Some of the girlshave been told to go back and change their brasand topsbecause they had slight colour on them. I believe some of the girls didn’t have suitable sports brasand had to go without them. It has absolutely gone ridiculous.” A spokesperson for Wimbledon claims the athleteswere notified of the rules before the tournament began and failed to deny that women have been forced to play without bras due to the all-white dress code. If Wimbledon is looking to suck in more male viewers, creating a bra-less publicity stunt is certainly a clever way to do so. Well played, Wimbledon.