Saturday, July 5, 2014

Joel Embiid tries to sign Lebron James on twitter

If Lionel Messi was a free agent and he could sign for any club he wished, i bet every team in the world will fancy their chance of getting him to play for their team. In basketball, Lebron james opted out of his contract with the Miami heats and his technically a "free agent". There's no gain saying, James is probably the best player in the game today. Little wonder all the other NBA teams have been trying to sign him. Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has also tried his bit to help his team land the hit-man. Embiid was selected third overall by the 76ers during the 2014 NBA draft. Soon after, the centermade a push to recruit the NBA’s most sought-after free agent— LeBron James. He tweeted this at him. "@KingJames hey bro hope you're having a good day...... Want to join us in philly?? Peace" — Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid)July 01, 2014 It’s no surprise that Embiid would want the four-time MVP in Philadelphia. After a 19-63 record last season, which included an abysmal 26-game losing streak, the 76ers can use all of the help they can get. Though Embiid made his best recruitment efforts on Twitter, James never responded, and Embiid was not too pleased. Embiid decided to block LeBron on the site just three days after he sent his initial tweets. "He probably DM'd me but I dont read my DMs so I'm gonna go ahead and block him"— Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) July 04, 2014 The 76ers can only hope for such defense this season.