Saturday, July 26, 2014

WWE star Daniel Bryan apprehends burglar with 'bare naked chokehold'

Two burglars found out they had decided to rob the wrong person when their attempted housebreak was foiled by former WWE world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan, real name Bryan Danielson, was walking back home with his wife, Brie Danielson, to their property in Phoenix, Arizona, when they saw two men making their way out of the house holding a bag of loot. When the two men realised they had been spotted, they dropped the stolen goods and decided to sprint off down the street. However, keen to apprehend the two thieves, Bryan gave chase. The professional athlete soon caught up with one of the thieves, 22 year-old Cesar Sosa, and used all of his wrestling experience by holding Sosa in a “rear naked chokehold” until police arrived. The other suspect managed to get away. Speaking at a press conference after the incident, Bryan said that the couple’s first worry was for their two-year-old French bulldog Josie, who they had left in the property. After making sure that the Josie was ok, Bryan said he was “very angry” when he found out that someone had broken into his property and “out of instinct” gave chase. Bryan said that after chasing Sosa for 400 feet he was able to catch and take down the “exhausted” burglar. Holding him until the police came; Bryan said that the burglar gave up very little resistance and repeatedly apologised. When police arrested Sosa, they found that alongside, he had an outstanding felony warrant for kidnapping against his name. Reflecting on the incident, Bryan said that he was “borderline ashamed of what he did”, saying that it was “probably not the best thing to do because you don’t know what is going to happen.” The robbery resulted in Bryan losing a bracelet given to him by his father who passed away earlier this year, but all other things taken from the house were returned to the WWE star and his wife. Daniel Bryan is a fan favourite in the WWE and is best known for ‘Yes movement’. Alongside his World Heavyweight Championship success, Bryan can count the Tag Team Championship belt and the United States Championship title as his other achievements in professional wrestling.