Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gerrad pique gets in a confrontation with police

He got out of his car and said, according to La Vanguardia: 'You envy me because I'm famous. You are fining me because you're on commission, because you have no money and you need to make commission.
'I'm going to speak with your bosses and get you reprimanded. You think you are masters of the world because you wear that uniform and fine people.
'Your father's going to pay this fine - I'm not. You are a disgrace. Your profession makes me sick and the Guardia Urbana is a f****** disgrace.'
Pique then allegedly snatched the fine out of his brother's hands and flung it back at police, before the pair entered Casino Barcelona.

The Spain star was in the Port Olimpic area of the city after he had flown back from international duty, when his brother stopped their car in a bus zone for 15 minutes.
Police said that they had been obstructing taxis and other vehicles and issued Pique's brother, Marc, with a fine.

Shakira is expected to have made a fine genleman out of Pique.