Sunday, April 5, 2015

Manchester United don't what you to know about Rojo's extra marital sexlife is reporting about a dirty plot by Manchester United lawyers in conjunction with Rojo to intimidatinge a young lady who made the wrong decision of sleeping with Rojo.

Read what she says........
We can also reveal that the married star was far from being the victim of a blackmail plot. In fact, it was the player’s representatives who tried to entrap Sarah with promises of huge cash sums in an attempt to spin the story their own way.
‘People who look after Marcos claimed I had demanded £100,000 to keep quiet about our encounter,’ she says. ‘But it was a lie and they knew it. They tried to trap me.’
It was a last-minute decision to go for a ‘girls’ night out’ with six friends in December last year that landed Sarah in her gruelling legal fight. 
She and her friends were drinking cocktails in the popular Neighbourhood bar in Manchester, when they were approached by a bouncer and invited to join a private party upstairs.
It was a Christmas party for Manchester United’s players – notably without their wives or girlfriends, but packed with pretty young girls who were hand-picked by minders and told to leave their mobile phones in a bucket to prevent them taking any embarrassing pictures.
With her bee-stung lips, long blonde hair extensions and attractive figure, Sarah has the looks of a typical WAG, and was quickly approached by the handsome Argentinian Rojo, who joined Manchester United for a £16million fee last year. 
She says: ‘He came over to me and sat down. His English was quite bad but he was chatty and said nice things to me about how I looked and how he liked my Versace dress.

‘He said “You’re gorgeous, you’re the best looking girl in here.” It was all very cheesy, but he’s so good looking that I gave him my number.’
Rojo invited her to his friend’s flat for a more private party, but she declined and they parted. He then sent a text at 2am. “My love, where are you?” he asked.
This time, Sarah was flattered by the attention. ‘It was a bit of an ego boost for me. There were a lot of young, pretty girls that night, but he wanted me.’
So she and a girlfriend booked a taxi to the address he sent her. When they arrived at the flat in the centre of the city, a friend of Rojo’s – known in court as Mr X but who now can be named as Kristian Bereit – made a shocking proposition.
‘He asked me how much it would cost for me to have sex with Marcos. I told him that I was not a prostitute.’
But she did find the Argentine star’s dusky looks attractive and they ended up in a bedroom. ‘I did it because I liked him, not for money or with any intention to sell the story on,’ she says.
Indeed, she insists that although they never met again, the player continued to send her text messages and emails for nearly three months. 
At first they were innocent exchanges, with inquiries about her day and desperate pleas to meet up. But exactly a month to the day they had met, he sent an explicit picture of himself lying in bed naked.

Sarah refused to respond in kind. ‘To be honest I was shocked,’ she says. ‘It was a bit risky. I discovered that he had a wife and daughter, but I did not think it was the first time he had done something like that.
‘These guys are like spoiled rich kids. They are overpaid, oversexed and have a sense of entitlement.’
As is often the nature of these things, news of their encounter leaked out – there had been several witnesses to their flirting – and Sarah found herself being approached by a red-top newspaper, keen to report the intimate details of her sexual encounter. 
She eventually accepted an offer of £30,000, which was never paid.
After the newspaper contacted Manchester United for a comment, Bereit contacted Sarah and they arranged to meet at the Lowry hotel in downtown Manchester. 
‘He was sat in the corner and looked dead nervous. He looked grey. He’s about 30. We sat down. My mum was with me and he asked us to turn off our phones and put them on the table in front of us.
‘Then he put his head in his hands and said “What have you done? Why didn’t you contact me and we could have sorted it out?” ’
‘I told him that the paper came to me and he suggested someone had tipped 

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