Thursday, April 2, 2015

You've never seen this before in football!We promise!

CD Cuarte captain Daniel Nadales has earned himself the nickname ‘El Koala’ after indulging in an unusual practise during his side’s recent game against CD Teruel in the Spanish fourth tier.
With Teruel preparing to sling a corner kick into the Cuarte six-yard box, Nadales was suddenly compelled to shin up the goalpost in a bid to prevent a potential header finding its way into the top corner.
If our understanding of the Spanish match report is correct, Nadales wasn’t cautioned for his actions as the referee did not see the incident.
However, the cameras definitely did manage to catch it, thankfully immortalising the moment in what must surely go down as one of the finest examples of sporting photojournalism in the history of everything, ever.
“It was a corner. We were defending and the attacking team were very tall,” said Nadales, explaining his actions to TN.
“The only way I could think to jump higher was to grab the post.
“It was spontaneous. I did not repeat it in the match. Afterwards I read the rules and now I know they can punish you for doing that.
“My teammates have taken it very well but they say I was crazy (to try it).”