Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gareth Bale isn't worth all that money if he won't help you win the El-Classico.

Have there ever been two more expensive non-entities on the same pitch? Real Madrid's Gareth Bale and Barcelona' Neymar both went completely unnoticed in Sunday's El Clasico, one of those crucial events where the big players must step up.
Both of them hid on the pitch, just as the club's directors have attempted to hide the true magnitude of their transfer fees, which are estimated to be around £164m.
Bale joined Real Madrid from Tottenham in an £91m transfer,
On Sundays' El Clasico, Bale produced nothing in terms of shots or crosses.
So far, Bale has managed just 10 goals and 12 assists in 21 games. Making him only 16th on the La Liga scorer's list.

Over the years Bercelona have progressively reduced the El-Classico into a Real Mardrid beating game and when Gareth Bale came into the picture one would naturally expect that he'd make Real Madrid stronger. Are Madrid stronger now? You can argue that. But something is sure, we were expecting lots more from a 100 million pound signing.