Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ronaldinho had his birthday party with girls!

It's probably one of the safest bets in sport to assume he celebrated in style. That's something that Ronaldinho has never lost - the ability to throw a damn good party.
It was his 34th birthday on Friday. And we trust that the man who courted controversy in the Brazilian off-season when an image of him standing in front of a harem of bikini-clad girls went viral, marked the occasion like only he knows how.

But images of him partying it up three months out from a World Cup on home soil that could have been the crowning moment for one of the game's magicians don't make for a happy picture. This could have and should have been his time.
Ronaldinho will not represent Brazil at the World cup so he'll be free to party it up with the rest of the world this summer. The only problem is the rest of the world would prefer to see him partying on the pitch. But it's not be. Ronaldinho...all out for 34.