Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jermain Defoe heaps praises on his mum

Now this is so sweet of him. He had an interview with Canadian TV channel CBC during which he praised his mum for being a big influence in in successful career.
Defoe's mum was all smiles

Defoe said: 'I was lucky enough to have great parents. My mum was really strict on me so I was in bed by nine o'clock.
'She used to say things like "You need to go to bed early, you've got training tomorrow, you can't eat this, you've got eat this"
'No matter what happens, even if I go to bed at midnight I'll give it 100 per cent in training. But that discipline from day one was so important because now I'm so disciplined and my mum's probably the reason why.
'When I was young I used to eat the right things. I used to go to bed early, so from a young age I had a lot of energy for training. I could always train well. I could always play well. 
'Every day she would drum into me the importance of doing the right things.'