Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jose Mourinho is "just a little" grumpy

Jose Mourinho has already written off his side's chances of winning the Premier League but he seems determined to do better in the Champions league even as his side Chelsea face a tough task of trying to over come a two goal deficit and qualify ahead of PSG who won their 1st leg quarter final clash 3-1.

He talked of his faith in his team, of course, and their ability to salvage the tie after last week’s defensive farce in the French capital, but declined the invitations to elaborate. When asked if he was sad. Mourinho said
‘Grumpy? I’m not grumpy,’ insisted Mourinho, before squeezing his thumb towards his index finger and confessing with a wry smile: ‘Just a little.’

Meanwhile PSG had a training session at Stanford bridge and are getting used to the pitch.