Monday, May 19, 2014

John Kerry US secretary of states attacks Donald Sterling

John Kerry -->"John Kerry Tells Yale’s Graduating Class They Are “Donald Sterling’s Worst Nightmare” Shouldn't this old man be thinking of how to contain Russia's threat in Eastern Europe? Donald Sterling has been banned for life from the NBA by commissioner Adam Silver, and the former Los Angeles Clippers owner is likely to lose control of his franchise. The hits keep on coming for the 80-year-old, though. John Kerry is the featured speaker at Yale University’s 313th commencement today. The Secretary of State is a 1966 graduate of the school and was the 2004 Democratic nominee for president. During his speech to the graduating class, he made a reference to Sterling. “You are…the most diverse class in Yale history – or, as it’s called in the NBA, Donald Sterling’s worst nightmare.” – John Kerry to grads The joke was likely received well by the audience. Donald sterling had made some racist remarks about blacks to his former gilfriend V.Stifiano. She's been accused of recording the altercation and releasing it to the public.