Monday, May 19, 2014

This football star was sued by a strip-club for not paying for 4000 LAP DANCES!

-->Bryant McKinnie Ordered to Pay $150k For 4000 Unpaid Lap Dances! The lawsuit was originally for $375k in unpaid lap dances and at the time McKinnie said the entire lawsuit was bogus. It couldn’t have been that bogus, because a settlement was reached and McKinnie was ordered to pay $150k in unpaid lap dances. Re-Tox.comhas the details. Turns out Bryant McKinnie‘s infamous $375,000 strip club bill wasn’t as “bogus” as he said it was; the 350-pound offensive tackle has finally agreed to pay for a massive chunk of the alleged debt, roughly 4,000 lap dances worth, aka $150,000. According to new court documents, McKinnie recently struck a settlement agreement with Trick Daddy‘s father Charles “Pops” Young after Young sued McKinnie for $375,000 in 2012. Young claimed McKinnie ran up the bill over a 20-month period at two of his strip clubs, including the Miami staple King of Diamonds. According to Young, McKinnie promised to pay the bill back in 2010, but never did. That is a whole lot of lap dances that was approximated by, when did McKinnie have time to practice? McKinnie is currently a free agent and will need to find a team soon to pay off the rest of his debt.