Sunday, May 25, 2014

LeBron says Heat 'are not that talented,' but 'IQ is more important than talent'

Basketball IQ is one of those subjective things that can't really be quantified. According to LeBron James, the Miami Heat have loads of it. Oh, and it's a good thing they do because James doesn't think the Heat are a very talented team. Seriously. "We're talented, but we're not that talented," LeBron told the Associated Press. "We have a really, really good team. We have some very talented guys. We're not the most talented team, I don't think, in the NBA. There's a lot of other talented teams. We have some very, very high-IQ basketball players. And I think IQ is more important than talent." When asked what teams were more talented, James wouldn't specify. Perhaps this is just an attempt by the four-time NBA MVP to pin an "underdog" label on the Heat. If so, nice try, LeBron.