Saturday, May 24, 2014

Na wa o! Na so David Moyes turn club fighter.

Sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes is to be questioned by police over claims he attacked another drinker outside an upmarket wine bar. Moyes, 51, allegedly erupted in a rage after he was subjected to a torrent of abuse as he arrived with friends. One drinker is said to have goaded him about his recent sacking by Manchester United. Witnesses say Moyes suddenly turned round and lunged at Joshua Gillibrand, 23, hitting him on the side of the head. There was a brief scuffle near the bar entrance, the pair were separated and Moyes was restrained by his friends who dragged him away until he had calmed down, they claimed Mr Gillibrand, a joiner, told The Sun: 'He grabbed me around the neck and struck me on the back of the head. I ended up face down on the floor. 'I felt I was going to die. There were tables flying everywhere and glass all over the place.' Mr Gillibrand suffered a lump on the side of his head and a bruised shoulder and went to hospital. On Thursday night police confirmed they had launched an investigation into the fracas and sources said they were set to speak to the former Premier League manager. The incident happened at around 10pm on Wednesday after Moyes and friends – including Derek Shaw, former chairman at Preston North End, one of Moyes’ previous clubs – had dined at Piccolino’s in Clitheroe, Lancashire, before going to the nearby Emporium wine bar. A group standing outside the bar began making abusive remarks when they saw Moyes, who was humiliatingly sacked as United manager last month after less than a year in charge and is understood to have left with a £4.5million pay off. A witness said: ‘Moyes started to head in with his mates but he was being barracked by drinkers outside. He was getting a bit of lip from a couple of blokes and then one guy, who was a bit drunk, said something about him being s*** and having never won anything. ‘Moyes kept his head down and carried on walking towards the door with his friends and everyone thought he was just ignoring the banter. But then stopped, turned on his heels and quickly marched back.’ The man, who witnessed the end of the incident said: ‘Moyes had completely lost it and was bright purple in the face and quite clearly out of control. ‘No one could quite believe what had happened. We were stunned. He’s obviously had enough of all the abuse he’s been getting after his miserable season.’