Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chilean Striker Gets Tattoo Of Devastating Shot Off The Crossbar

Chilean striker Mauricio Pinilla was the man who nearly gave his team an upset victory over Brazil during their Round of 16 matchup at the World Cup this past weekend. Pinilla was mere inches from becoming a national hero when he launched a rocket shot that clanged off the crossbar in the final minutes of extra time: Considering the fact that Chile would go on to lose and be eliminated in penalties, you’d think that Pinilla would want to forget his unfortunately-placed strike…but it appears that’s not the case. The striker has gone and made sure the moment stays with him forever with a tattooed depiction: Along with the image of the ball hitting the crossbar are the words “One centimeter from glory.” Ouch. It appears that Pinilla is the kind of guy who uses his mistakes and misfortunes to motivate him to get better moving forward, so good on him for that.