Monday, July 14, 2014

Mesut Ozil thanks Rihanna for supporting Germany

Pop star Rihanna who’s known for her devil-may-care attitude, is quite the football fan. If her recent tweets are to be believed, she was rooting fro Germany in the World Cup and is estatic after the win. She posted several pictures with the members of the German National Football Team including ones with Mario Gotze and Miroslav Klose. All her happiness was aptly reflected by this single tweet : I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!! I meeeaan…… what is YO bucket list looking like bruh? — Rihanna (@rihanna) July 14, 2014 The shooter aka My hitta #Gotze #Champions — Rihanna (@rihanna) July 14, 2014 Also, Mesut Ozil who was instrumental in German’s win, showed his gratitude towards Rihanna for supporting his team at the World Cup. Thank u #rihanna — Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) July 14, 2014 Earlier, Rihanna made a point to meet the all time great Pele. Accoding to her Twitter account, she went on to meet Pele as soon as she landed in Rio de Janeiro and was very happy for the meeting. She later, posted a couple of pictures from her meeting with Pele on Twitter for her fans.